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One of the most popular sports is football. Do not confuse it with what Americans call football.

It’s just soccer - played on the playground and fields worth millions of dollars. Accordingly, there are a great many football tournaments.

Our site contains the most popular football tournaments in Europe and the CIS, Brazil and China.

The list also includes a new tournament - the League of Nations among European teams.

And although the attitude towards him is far from unambiguous, undoubtedly the interest in him is much higher. than friendly matches.

And of course you can compete in making forecasts for the games of national teams.

Also wishes for coverage of other football tournaments are accepted.

Quickly updated match schedule, game results. The tournament tables of both national and international tournaments are clearly presented.

And, of course, you can make predictions for all the tournaments present on the site.

Someone watches only world championships and sometimes continental championships. Someone only follow the top teams. And someone is fan of the game teams of little-known in the big arena.

But everyone cheers for their own! For their own in the district, for their own in the city, for their national teams.

Someone watches football regularly, someone - from time to time. But everyone has his own view on any team and his opinion on any meeting between these teams.

All these opinions can be pushed against each other making forecasts for the games of familiar and not even familiar teams.